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With more than a decade and a half of experience as a director of photography and camera operator, Brad Haskell is always looking for new challenges and new stories to tell. Balancing technical precision with a unique creative sensibility, Brad prides himself on being a visual stylist capable of taking on projects as diverse as the many filmmakers and clients he's been fortunate to have worked alongside. From independent narratives to music videos, high-end fashion to run-and-gun documentaries, on local sound stages and around the world, Brad has proven himself as a skilled and multifaceted cinematographer, treating each and every shoot as an exciting opportunity to tell stories and express ideas through lighting and camerawork.


Instilled with a love of travel at an early age, Brad's youth was divided between California and Ontario, Canada. Wanderlust has served him well as a professional, and he's shot in Kenya (Feed the Children), Qatar (Fishing with Dan Hernandez), Nicaragua (Feed the Children and Traveler), and throughout the Southern, Midwestern, and Western United States on such shows as TORC, The Art Of, and Under Cover. A member of IBEW local 952, Brad was employed for many years as a commercial electrician while he honed his skills as a cameraman. This background in the construction trade critically informs his understanding of what it means to be a driving force in a team concept, and has given him the ability to anticipate many logistical pitfalls that might otherwise be overlooked. It's no surprise that Brad found early success in the motion picture industry as the head of the electric department: he's credited on a number of feature films as chief lighting technician (Solitary, The Chicago 8, Yeardley, The Misadventures of the Dunderheads, Gary's Walk).


Brad is fully capable and qualified as both a cinematographer and camera operator with virtually all forms of digital capture (RED, C300, Varicam, CineAlta, DSLR, 2/3" HD, et al.).


FilmWorks 205 is a full-service production company specializing in commercial and narrative content for television and the web.  For Brad, as founder and CEO, each project begins with the needs of the client and ends with the polish, panache, and satisfaction of the deliverable media. Between the inception of the idea and the glory of the screening, Brad and his team are there to assist in development, navigate the challenges of production, manage the complexities of post, and finally ensure that deadlines are met and ambitions are realized.

FilmWorks 205 is a one stop shop capable of supplying the gear, the know-how, and the crew to any size production.

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